Agency Partner Program

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Welcome to intolap’s “Agency Partner Program”.

Below is a segmented description as to how you can join us as one of our agency partner. Well it is that simple. We be your work force and you be our front.


1 - 2 - 3 Easy Steps

Is there any registration and/ or fee for joining? Well the answer is “NO”. We follow a very simple, flexible and transparent process of having you as a agency partner.

Gathering Requirement: We require you to send us your requirement as detailed as possible or you can gather information.

Preparing proposal: We will analyse the requirement. Don’t worry, we hold your back if you are not techie just in case. We will work out with you to collect all the necessary details for the project.

We do basic research / reverse engineering as well say if you are looking for a feature existing but you or we don’t know how it works or how can we achieve. This will be part of our proposal preparation and there is absolutely no obligation/ cost in it.

If required, we might might have few rounds of communication (via. email, Skype) with you to extract.

Finalization: We prepare the project proposal and send you along with the project fee.


Here are what you get as an agency partner

  1. Agency Partner Pricing. It will always be less than direct client pricing
  2. Dedicated Project Coordinator
  3. Quick Turnaround time
  4. Quality Output & Timely Completion


  1. You will be the copyright owner for the project.
  2. You can display the works on your portfolio.
  3. All the contracts between us will be confidential. We will not indulge in any kind of conversation with your clients and you will be the only point of contact for us.

Last but not the least the greatest ever benefit- the profit returns.

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